Caviar and Pearls

Private Spa Wellness Center, Seminyak

Soulful Serenity

Adopting a holistic approach to beauty, the spa menu combines traditional beauty treatments with the intuitive healing arts, which can be combined into extravagant day packages that nurture the body and the soul. Start with a passive workout in the mineral charged bio energy silk pool where an underwater circuit of jet massages increases circulation and aids detoxification.  Request the Indian room with it’s magnificent Taj Mahal mural bathed under a glittering sea of lights, and revel in a Chakra Balancing session with energized stones placed on the various chakras – a gentle and ethereal experience that will leave you drifting into a state of soulful serenity.

Caviar and Pearls

Follow a healthy organic lunch in the conservatory, with an afternoon of sheer decadence as you indulge in the Luxe Caviar Ritual created by organic skin care masters Pevonia Botanica.  Traditionally used by Europe’s royal families to maintain everlasting youth, this treatment, composed of caviar and pearl extract, provides a natural face-lift. A deliciously cool and luxuriant mask drenches the face with minerals and nutrients leaving the skin supple and softly luminous. Finish with a caviar manicure and pedicure that will deeply nourish your fingers and toes complete with lavish coats of varnish that will last for days; a gourmet feast for body and soul!


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