Bali spa treatments

The steam room at Prana Spa, Seminyak

In Indonesia there is an ancient saying rupasampat wahya bhiantara which loosely translates as ‘the balance between that which is visible and that which lies with in – or as we say in the west  ‘true beauty comes from within.’ When we are happy and relaxed and feeling well with ourselves,  we shine, when we are sad or angry or tired, its like our light is switched off. Spa therapies are one of the surest ways to get our glow back, a chance to indulge our body and our senses, whether its a relaxing massage, a detoxifying body wrap, or a deeply moisturising facial.

Bali has emerged as one of the world’s leading spa destinations, incorporating ancient healing traditions and beauty rituals  with the art of relaxation. Best of all luxurious spa treatments on the island are just a fraction of what they would cost back home.