Sekala Niskala

Upacara Bali by Jason lunn-7316

As a tourism destination Bali has long been associated with things beginning with the letter ‘S’, like Sun, Sand, Surf, Sex and Shopping but in recent years more and  more people have been drawn to a different ‘S’ word, the Spiritual side of Bali.   Popularly known as the island of the gods, a deep rooted spirituality imbues every aspect of life in Bali. Central to this is the notion of Sekala and Niskala (the seen and the unseen,) that which we cannot see is attributed equal importance and must be respected.  Each morning the good spirits are shown gratitude with humble offerings of flowers and grains wrapped in banana leaves that are placed high in the family temples  along with prayers and burning incense, while plainer offerings  are placed on the ground and intended to appease the bad spirits.  Duality is at the core of the spiritual structure, its all about maintaining the balance between good and evil because without each other, neither can exist.


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