Coconut Spa Ritual









Known as the tree of life, coconuts are a nourishing and versatile gift of nature, and play an essential role in Balinese rituals, cuisine and well being. Inspired by the soul of nature, Amarterra Spa, Nusa Dua incorporates coconut into every aspect of a divine spa ritual.

You certainly don’t need to look far to find a coconut in Bali. They dangle from leafy palm trees, are sold by roadside vendors as a refreshing drink, form the creamy sweet base of aromatic curries, while the fresh leaves of coconut palms are used to weave Hindu offerings.

The Dharma Rejuvenation treatment at Amarterra Spa offers a celebration of the coconut that will leave you glowing from the inside out. Set in the tranquil surrounds of Amarterrra Villa, Nusa Dua – a luxury resort that embodies the spirit of ancient Balinese culture – the spa is a serene oasis adopting the Hindu/Buddhist philosophy of Dharma as a key to achieving a better way of life. Soothing treatments include traditional Balinese wellness practices through the power of living plants, water, precious stones and inner strength.

My spa ritual begins as I sip from a fresh young coconut. Packed with nutrients and electrolytes, this is the ultimate hydrator, and I feel it nourishing every cell of my body. Next I receive a Hindu blessing and sprinkle of holy water from a virgin coconut, followed by a cleansing foot ritual with scrub of Balinese sea salt and lime and a cool splash of coconut water. A scrub made from the grated flesh of a coconut is then applied to my body. Ideal for sensitive skin, it is gentle and mildly exfoliative and left to dry on my skin before being gently scrubbed off. The virgin coconut oil massage that follows is deeply relaxing, and aromatic, imbued with essential oils of lemon, lavender and ylang ylang. The coconut oil glides smoothly over my skin, a pure tonic of vitamin E and antioxidants, that soothes, conditions and seals in moisture.

Hot towels remove the excess oil and a creamy coconut lotion is applied to my body. Another Balinese blessing is bestowed upon me, and a comforting warm rosella and ginger tea completes the treatment.

The verdict

Massage is revitalising as it stimulates blood circulation below the skin and in the muscles which brings more oxygen to tissues, and when combined with a rich nourishing oil such as coconut, the effects are increased significantly. While the treatment itself was deeply relaxing, I emerge thoroughly rejuvenated, and my skin feels wonderfully silky. I am then advised to pick a lucky stone from one of eight pots, and it comes as no surpise that the stone I have chosen bears the words ‘transformation.’

Amarterra Spa  BTDC Nusa Dua  +62 361 776400


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