Jewel of the Nile @ Prana

Journey into the realms of the exotic in an experience inspired by the palaces and harems of the mysterious east.  A spa butler dressed in a turban will lead you into the Private Suite, where golden candelabras casts a shimmering light over a turreted room filled with Persian rugs, stained glass windows and frosted lamps.  Opulence infuses every detail from gilded chalices to plush burgundy drapes, lavish lounges, and decadent packages that have been tailor made to indulge all the senses.  The lavish, five-hour ‘One thousand and one nights’ nights treatment even includes karma sutra yoga. Designed with romance in mind, this is one spa experience that has to be shared, so grab a friend or lover and get royally pampered.

Spotlight: Jewel of the Nile

Our feet are ritually cleansed with black volcanic sea sand and tumbled semi precious stones, our bodies massaged with  24 Karat gold infused oil; and our faces  left with a luminous glow following an anointment of  pearl powder, vanilla and coconut. Hot stones balance our chakras, and warm rosemary oil is drizzled through our scalps. We emerge, in a dreamy haze to find the mosaic tiled free standing bath glimmering like a giant golden clam shell, and filled with creamy white milk gurgling and bubbling with the jet streams.  Could life get any sweeter – well, actually yes it does, as our butler wheels in a trolley of Canapés and a bottle of Champagne on ice.

Not even Cleopatra could have conjured such an elaborate beauty ritual.


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