Glow Shambhala

photograph courtesy of COMO Shambhala Estate

Meaning ‘sacred place of bliss’, this wellness retreat pays homage to the mythical Shambhala – the enlightened kingdom of ancient Tibetan legends. Perfection of the art of reclusive luxury makes it a popular haven for the rich and famous, but the experience goes beyond pampering, offering a 360 degree holistic experience, including organic gourmet cuisine. The breezy tropical restaurant, Glow, offers nutritious food with panoramic views over the estate and surrounding forest, with the hum of cicadas providing the soundtrack. The guiding philosophy is to retain the nutritional integrity and ‘life force’ of  food, and locally sourced cuisine includes innovative raw food dishes. Inspirational cooking classes teach the craft of preparing food for the soul.


* Fresh salad of lightly seared prawns with watermelon, tomato and avocado

* Wholesome raw pumpkin and macadamia nut pizza topped with tomato, carrot, sprouts and flax seed.

*  Strawberry, vanilla and young coconut tartlet

Green Credentials

Organic, locally sourced ingredients delivered from the farm to the table as quickly as possible.

Como worldwide commitment to sustainability



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