Coffee and Chocolate



Coffee Scrub

The discovery of coffee is attributed to a young Arab goat herder in 870AD, who noticed that his goats became frisky after eating coffee berries, so he had a few himself and became rather frisky as well. From monks who gained divine inspiration from chewing the beans, to the gossip filled coffee houses of the Middle East, to Europe where it was originally labeled as the ‘the brew of the devil,’ the  history of coffee is as rich and fascinating as  its aroma.

There is nothing quite like a cup of coffee to stimulate the senses, but did you know that coffee applied directly to the skin also helps  reduce cellulite? You can make your own coffee scrub at home, but its going to make a mess – better to leave it to the experts and treat yourself to a pampering session at the Private Spa Wellness Center.

Spiritual music will send you into a state of deep meditative bliss, and the stimulating perfume of fresh roasted coffee with just a hint of chocolate fills the air, as your body is  gently scrubbed with a blend of Balinese coffee, cacao (known for its high anti oxidant properties,) and diuretic essential oils. The coarse nature of  ground coffee beans agitates and arouses skin cells, thus improving circulation and helping flush away toxins. It will also remove dead skin and firm and tone those areas prone to cellulite. As you rinse in the shower you will immediately notice the silky  softness of your skin. This can be further enhanced with a body wrap made from sandalwood, ginger and white clay which will draw out impurities while deeply moisturising the skin.

Don’t forget your face! Finish with a signature facial such as the Botolike, a natural and non-invasive botox-like treatment made from rice bran, soy peptides, wheat proteins, Siberian and Chinese ginsengs. The combination stimulates micro circulation to the  facial tissue leaving you with firmer, tighter skin and a natural glow. Make sure you allow plenty of time after your treatment to relax in the lounge and enjoy the ambience of this friendly and relaxed day spa. Grab a magazine or spa book, sink into an oversized chair and drink nutrient rich chlorophyll while munching on dried apricots and chocolate chip cookies.


Chocolate Love

Legend has it that the first cacao beans came from paradise and lent wisdom and power to the person that ate them.  Deep in the tropical rainforests of central America, ancient Mayans used ground cocoa beans in wedding rituals and for healing magic. To the Aztecs it was known as the food of the gods; and it is said that the  god Quetzalcoatl, was  kicked out of paradise for giving chocolate to the human race.

Most of us have experienced the ‘feel good factor’ of chocolate, its smooth exotic taste known to induce feelings of euphoria, even its aroma is enough to promote feelings of well being and happiness. Chocolate contains  tryptophan a substance which triggers a reaction in the brain and creates a feeling of elation and giddiness, as well as relaxation.  But the benefits of chocolate can be enjoyed in ways other than eating. It’s high anti oxidant properties help fight skin aging, and the glycerides it contains  provide moisturizing lipids and fats. These help plump and firm the skin and combat cellulite.

The ‘Chocolate Love’ treatment at Spa Air is a two hour sensual indulgence , a journey into the realms of chocolate. A therapist will lead you across the tranquil gardens and water ponds of Villa Air and into a private spa pavilion filled with flowers and Balinese music. A foot bath filled with frangipani awaits, and the feet are scrubbed with a blend of sea salt infused with cinnamon, clove and essential oils of peppermint and spearmint. Relaxation continues with the intoxicating aroma of chocolate scented oil and the soothing rhythm of an oriental massage followed by a thick coating of cocoa butter scrub that will leave you feeling like a big block of melted chocolate. A bubbling Jacuzzi bath awaits, but forget the bath foam, because you will be bathing in chocolate and Champagne, while sipping on iced chocolate and nibbling on homemade cookies.


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