Sunburn Treatments

A good friend of mine is a marine biologist and has spent years in the sun, he swears that the best cure for sunburn is an asprin – as it reduced inflammation and redness – and helps relieve the pain.  He was right, it does work, but if you want a more natural form of sunburn relief try a cooling natural wrap from cucumber or aloe vera.

Cucumber Wrap

1 kilo cucumber (best if cooled first in the fridge)

2 drops lavender oil

2 drops camomile oil

Peel the cucumber and blend, add the lavender (this will help prevent peeling) and the camomile (which has calming properties.) Rub over the sunburned areas and wrap yourself in a thin sarong. The cucumber will draw the heat out of the burns.

*You can also try thinly slicing chilled cucumber and applying directly to the skin – this words particularly well on the face.

Aloe Vera

Aloe can be applied directly to the skin. Just slice open and rub the flesh onto the skin, or mix in a blender with cucumber and a little vitamin E oil.


Yoghurt can be smoothed onto the skin for instant relief, it will  also help restore  pH balance and promote faster healing. Plain unsweetened full-fat yogurt is best as it contains few additives. Leave it on your skin until it warms up and then rinse off with warm water – reapply as necessary.
Black Tea
The tanin in tea helps draw out the burn and heal the skin. Make a pot of strong black tea and soak a towel with it and apply directly to the skin. Adding a couple of pots of strong tea to a tepid bath will also help soothe the burn.

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