Food for thought

Perhaps we are not so much what we eat, but what we feed on. All of us suffer times of hardship and depression, but also hopefully joy and playfulness and optimism.  There is a time for darkness and a time for light, what is essential is finding the balance between the two. At the heart of Balinese hinduism is this  concept of duality  – where by the darker forces are seen as equally necessary as the forces of light. When we learn to accept the shadows of our own personal selves, without giving to much energy to them we can make peace with ourselves as a balanced whole. If you are feeling a little out of balance, if the darkness is weighing a little heavy there are a myriad of ways to redress the balance here in Bali, from yoga to meditation to dance, to eco retreats and organic whole food cafes. When you feed your soul with that which is good and positive, when you give energy to that which lifts you higher you allow your light to shine. It’s your choice.


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