About us

An island of mesmerising beauty, deep rooted spirituality and strong healing traditions, Bali has emerged as the holistic heart of Asia.  Just being here inspires a sense of well being which can be enhanced by a myriad of possibilities, from luxurious spas to healing retreats, detox programs, yoga and meditation, raw food cooking courses and a plethora of asian and western therapies – both modern and traditional.  We, at holistic Bali are long time residents of the island,  like many before us we came here on holiday and could not bring ourselves to leave, we choose to live a holistic lifestyle because it just makes sense to do so and we have started this site to share our knowledge and experiences  as an act of  love and gratitude. This site is still new and there is lots more to come, so stay tuned and ‘like’ us on facebook for regular updates on holistic happenings on the island.

“What we anticipate in our destinations is not holiness or divine visions, but something even more miraculous – the opportunity to feel different from the way we feel at home. It is as if the act of travelling to a certain place in the world entitles us to feel happier and more alive.”

Chaline, ‘Zen and the Art of Travel’


1 thought on “About us”

  1. hi…i am looking for detox ingridients and need some info on where to get it so pls email me if you’re willing to help.
    thank you so much
    warm regards

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