Om Restaraunt

OM by name, om by nature, this peaceful seaside eatery offers a tranquil garden setting, with views over rugged Canggu beach. 

Built entirely from bamboo, the spacious pavilion rises gracefully from verdant lawns, its soaring ceilings leading to a central skylight that channels rays of sunshine into an attractive island bar glistening with inlaid shells. Sky blue fabric, stretched across the terrace creates shade, and a sense of freshness. Everything about Om has been designed to soothe the senses, it’s a place to stretch out and get comfortable – lulled by the distant crash of waves on the shore, the fluttering strands of temple parasols and the trickle of water fountains. I love the new addition of  the reader’s corner, which occupies its own cosy pavilion filled with books and beanbags – ideal for long lazy afternoons. Another pavilion, filled with cushions, toys and games makes Om an ideal choice for families.

Hanging pot plants dangle from the trees, and the stepping stones that weave through the garden are carved with flowers and dragon flies.  It’s this attention to detail that creates the magic, and is equally reflected in creative, healthy, tasty cuisine inspired by global influences. The guiding philosophy of Om is to show that organic food is not limited to greens and leaves. Founder Heinz points out that they offer a normal restaurant menu, but the quality of ingredients is higher because they are organic.

The Mixed Berry Juice is made from the freshest sweetest berries and nothing else. While the Green Fix provides an invigorating and very pleasant pick-me-up with a blend of celery, sweet apple and a hint of ginger, I add a wheatgrass shot for an extra boost. A good range of cocktails are also available, such as  Pineapple Ginger Martini and Mix Berry Mojito.

Appetisers include Quesadillas, samosas, and fresh dips, we choose the  densely packed, garden fresh Rice Paper Rolls filled with shitake, tempe and rocket. All produce is hand selected from an organic farm in the hill-top town of Bedugel, and Om also hosts its own Sunday market (8am -12am.) More tasty goodness arrives in the form of a Grilled Haloumi Cheese Salad, which just might be the perfect salad, with mixed greens, slices of golden haloumi and a dollop of quinoa concealing a generous helping of cashew nuts, and dried apricots. The Bamboo Steamed Fish is equally good, soft, silky fish served in a bamboo bowl, with a thin coconut broth laced with tamarind juice and lime, accompanied by nutty and nutritious red rice. Mains also include Roasted Organic Chicken Breast with orange honey glaze and baby potatoes, and Pan Fried Tiger Prawns on  tomato confit. We finish with a sweet, fluffy, ice cold Coconut Cheesecake.

Heinz, who has a vast amount of experience as a chef and a naturopath tells me that  “Cooking is art and passion, it has to come from the heart.” I guess this is why everything at Om looks and tastes so good.

Jalan Batu Bolong,  Canggu Beach +623619604121


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