Zen Garden


521831_192239964246559_1522124925_nWith a pretty garden setting designed to sooth the soul, Zen Garden creates a peaceful and unexpected sanctuary on Jalan Mertanadi. A creamy white colour scheme is brightened with splashes of vibrant pink in the cushions, feature wall and the Buddha statue overlooking the garden.

Opened in May 2012, this stylish, healthy eatery is run by a French/ Spanish couple who also host mind body retreats; so European flavour and wellness concepts influence the menu. An enticing list of fresh juices are accompanied by information  on the nutritional benefits of various ingredients. My  Shiny Hair juice is a sweet sour blend of mandarin(vitamin B1 for healthy hair follicles) and raspberry (anti oxidant), the citrus flavoured Tropical Tornado provides a burst of Vitamin C, while the sweet and lovely Watermelon Surprise is mixed with strawberries, and packed with vitamins B5, vitamin C and  electrolytes.

The daily showcase is brimming with fresh salads, as well as appetisers such as quiche and soups, and provides an ever evolving range of balanced choices including beans, grains and proteins. We choose an excellent and super refreshing Gazpacho blended with cucumber, fresh mint and olive oil,  an authentic soft and fluffy Spanish Tortilla and a salad selection of Mediterranean Barley, Mushrooms and Green Beans, and Chilli Sweet Potato.

The a la carte menu has a greater selection of meat and fish, including Oriental Beef Salad,  Fisherman Salad and Mac Granny’s Burger for the kids. We try the Bombay Spicy Chicken and Mango Salad]with grilled chicken, mango, watercress and cucumber – the curry spices make a great contrast with the sweet silky mango. The tasty, French influenced Beetroot and Brie Salad comes with mixed greens, avocado, slices of apple and beetroot sprinkled with a slighty spicy Italian style vinaigrette, the brie comes on the side – atop a piece of toast.

A rich Chocolate Orange cake is perfect with a homemade aromatic Masala Tea (made with local spices). Tea lovers will enjoy the extensive range of blends on offer, from organic imported teas, like Bio Liquorice and [Bio Rooibos to herbal blends of Digestive or Lemon Verbena. I am easily seduced by the espresso blends, which include Colombian, Ethiopian,  and my choice, a rich Guatemalan blend that has hints of spice and chocolate and keeps me fuelled for the rest of the day.

With an attractive swimming pool, mellow vibe and healthy tasty food, Zen Garden is a great place to take some time out during the day.


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