Balinese Boreh

The colossal gateway of carved stone fringed by vast banyan trees, sets the tone for Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa, an atmospheric and alluring resort deeply imbued with Balinese warmth and charm. Last year’s resort revamp added contemporary sparkle, while leaving the essential Balinese character intact, a theme echoed in the sumptuous spa, where traditional treatments and beauty rituals have a modern twist.

Set in a peaceful oasis amidst wonderful old trees, the spa is located just outside the main gates and makes a popular day trip. Treatment pavilions encircle a lavish swimming pool bordered by frangipani and heliconia, and there is full access to tennis and squash courts, well equipped gym, sauna and steam room. The cafe serves up healthy salads and sandwiches, as well as delectable fruit mocktails like Coconut Nojito with mint and coconut cream, pressed lime and Bali honey. Beauty classes teach guests the craft of  creating traditional body masks such as Balinese Boreh, and scrubs like Javanese Lulur, as well as local sunburn remedies, and jamu (traditional herbal remedies.)

We tried

The spicy detox treatment based on ‘boreh’, a traditional rejuvenating treatment popular in the mountains of Bali, where nights can be chilly. The deep penetrating heat of local spices is also favoured by fishermen and farmers, as it increases blood circulation and relieves aching joints.

Our treatment takes place in a lush spa villa for two and starts with an invigorating sea salt and peppermint foot scrub. A nurturing massage with warm herbal compresses of fresh betel leaf, citrus oil, and fresh lemon grass lulls us into a deep state of relaxation. Next, a mask of fresh crushed ginger, nutmeg and clove is applied and we are wrapped, cocoon-like, leaving the  spices to warm our bodies and detoxify our skin. The treatment finishes with a cooling application of fresh cucumber to seal in moisture.

The Verdict

The delicious warmth of the spices heats the muscles and the joints, melting away tension leaving us in an atrophic state. The wrap also acts as an exfoliator, removing dead cells to reveal silky, luminous skin.

Also Recommended

Signature packages include scrubs, massages and baths. Try Latte Detox with milk and honey;  Fruit Punch with Papaya and Avocado; Royal Exotic with Lulur body scrub and yoghurt mask


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