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In Sanskrit, the coconut palm is known as [kalpa vriksha,] meaning “tree which gives all that is necessary for living,” because nearly all parts of the tree can be used in some manner or another.

Coconuts are full of things that are great for your skin and body, like vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, natural proteins and fibres. One of the best ways to stay hydrated in the tropics is to drink plenty of coconut water as it is packed with natural electrolytes that replenish and nourish the body. Applying coconut to the body has a similarly hydrating effect. The milk is particularly rich and has been used for centuries to nourish hair and skin and leave it looking smooth and radiant, while coconut oil is a valuable source of vitamin E – an antioxidant which keeps skin soft and helps battle the visible effects of aging.  For a deep conditioning treatment at home, wash your hair, towel dry, then massage two tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil into your hair and scalp – concentrating on the damaged ends.  Cover with a shower cap then wrap in a hot towel and leave for two to three hours, before wash thoroughly (the oil is heavy so you may need to wash a couple of times.)


Splurge at Four Seasons

 It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic setting for a tropical spa treatment than one of the open-air bales at The Spa at Four Seasons, Jimbaran Bay. Opt for a Coconilla ritual, imbued with the exotic aroma of coconut, the scent of vanilla, a salty sea breeze and the gentle lap of waves on the beach.  Freshly grated coconut is blended with thick coconut milk into a rich luxurious body scrub that gently polishes and rehydrates the skin, leaving it incredibly soft and supple. I highly recommend following with a Neem and Coconut Oil Treatment. The deeply relaxing scalp massage stimulates blood circulation, neem rejuvenates hair cells, and the coconut oil nourishes and restores the hair. The effect is astonishing, after this treatment my hair is positively lustrous (and that is not an adjective I could usually use when describing my hair.) Many say that when it comes to hair care, virgin coconut oil is better than any manmade treatment on the market and I tend to agree. Unlike most oils and moisturisers that  just sit on the skin, coconut oil actually penetrates the hair shaft to prevent damage from the inside out. Alison

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